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Renault Clio IV Phase II - Pulsize     Renault Captur - Emotion       Renault Twizy - Altica    Renault Trafic - Inventive
 pulsize Copie  emotion Copie  twizy Copie  inventive2
 Peugeot 308 II - Mendoza      Citroën C1 - Rittberger          Nissan Micra - Micra 17      Nissan Qashqai - Q19
mendoza  rittberger micra17  qashqai


First of all, AR Industries uses plans for the conception of the aluminum wheel rims. The staff is made of 25 people with more than 10 years of experience in the area. Thanks to this expertise, more than 150 developments made a success for AR Industries. We are thus able to take care of our customers need, from the start. Tools of simulation and development of equipments are used such as: Catia V5, Magma, Unigraphics or still Missler. Then AR Industries uses tools of mechanical calculation to make sure of the effective viability of every aspect of the aluminum wheel rims. Finally, we use tools for the manufacturing program.

Several steps are necessary before obtaining the finished product:

- Consultation
- Design Products
- Design Process
- Prototypes
- Initial Samplings
- Start

Later and during these steps, the aluminum wheel rims are checked to make sure of their quality. They are controlled in laboratories. Indeed, AR Industries has laboratories of metal industry, metrology and control of corrosion resistance to characterize and develop its processes and its products. Then, to make sure of a good mechanical resistance of wheels : tests of performance, holding in fatigue and shock resistance are realized.